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what is an appointment like?

An appointment is a comfortable time for you and your healer to work together to arrive at appropriate care for you.  Under normal circumstances you will see liz Johnson in a comfortable office. 

Paperwork will have been e-mailed (or mailed) to you in advance for you to fill out.  Take your time with this process and be prepared to remember some things after the paper work is done.  Just go back and put in more information as you remember it.  If there is not enough room on a section of the form, feel free to expand the form with extra pages. 

We will talk about your health needs and I will make notes about your concerns and about what your body is telling me.  There are a variety of diagnostic methods I use to listen to your body.  A few of them are explained below.

No one method of diagnosis can tell the whole story of the body.  Several methods, used in several traditional forms of healing, must be used to determine what may be contributing to an illness or injury and to confirm the general well-being of the client.  

Tongue diagnosis allows us to determine how various organs are operating.

Facial, ear, and hand diagnoses help to evaluate the condition of  the body over the past few months and years.

Pulse diagnosis is used to judge the state of the body right now.  It can also indicate how the body will respond to herbs that could be used by the client in healing.

Skin diagnosis is used to judge the state of the body right now and its recent history.  It can also indicate how the body will respond to herbs that could be used by the client in healing.

Listening is the most important part of an herbal consultation—hearing the client’s concerns and asking questions based on what  s/he has to say.

Information sharing is equally important.  Provided with accurate information, the client is better able to make decisions about their health and well-being.  How the body works, and why it needs help can be discussed during a consultation.

Once the information is gathered, I will share my initial assessment with you, answer any questions, and then go to treatment options. 

For those interested in herbs, I will go to my herbs next. Each herb that “makes sense” will be tested on you personally using either muscle testing, or, my preferred method, pulse testing.

Muscle Testing involves an herb coming into contact with your body (often the upper chest) while pressure is applied to an upraised arm.  The testing distinguishes between herbs that the body does not respond to and herbs that it needs.

Pulse Testing is a process during which an herb is placed on the palm of the hand while the pulse is felt.  The testing differentiates herbs as to how helpful they might be and what they might need to be combined with in order to be effective.

When the initial testing is done, I make notes about the herbs that may work and we test a second time, if necessary.  This time we are looking for combinations of herbs that work well together. 

When the second testing is done, a formula can be created designed specifically to your body and its needs.  This will be explained both verbally and in writing. 

Options for taking the herbs can then be discussed and the remedy is purchased at the end of the appointment.  Instructions are always included and some remedies require time to prepare. 

What can be helped with herbs?

A wide variety of health issues can be addressed with herbs, from immediate issues, like the flu, to long term ailments like diabetes.  Issues that require allopathic care, like chemotherapy for cancers, can be aided with herbs so that the treatments are less painful and more effective.  Women’s health issues, like infertility, PMS, menopause, and other issues are a natural fit with herbalism.  Just not feeling up to par can be improved with herbs.  Not sure if your issues can be helped with the intelligent application of herbs?  Just ask!

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